Q.What is different about a Footprint holiday?

The level of personalization. For instance, we get to know your interests well ahead and provide you with information of interest to you such as classes, activities and the like and organize it for you. Before you travel, we will give you the latest relevant information about your destination to make the holiday comfortable.

Q. How soon can I expect a reply to my enquiry?

As most of our travel facilitators are the best in their field locally, you can expect a reply with a suggested itinerary within 48 hours.

Q. Can I contact you if there is a problem with my booking?

Of course! Your holiday consultant will be there to guide you through any clarifications you might need. In addition, you will also have a local contact number in case of any emergencies.

Q. How does Footprint choose its places?

We are constantly uncovering great hotels, special experiences and services through our own detective work, through client recommendations, and through facilitators. Our bottom line is, would we pay to go there ourselves? If yes, we will recommend it for you. If not, we won't.

Q. Can footprint help with special events, honeymoons etc?

Absolutely. We have put together all kinds of holidays from honeymoons to bachelor parties at the most scenic, adventurous or idyllic places as the occasion warrants. Want further advice? Ask us!

Q. What is included in your pricing?

You will have a clear list of inclusions and exclusions to ensure you are aware of the services you have paid for.

Q. Can you arrange flights, transfers, car hire, insurance, etc. for me?

Yes. We can arrange for all this, and more!

Q. How much can you tell me about each place?

Everything you need to know and then some! We've been there and our review will cover everything from the best walking trails and the tastiest dishes to the little craft shops with the best souvenirs. What we don't say isn't worth saying.

Q. Can I book if I live outside India?

Yes.Anyone can book a holiday through us.